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India is among the most colorful nations of the world and boasts of a rich history, culture and heritage. To get the most of your trip to India, it would be a good idea to equip yourself with useful information before you set out for a journey of a lifetime.

Visa :
Foreign Nationals visiting India are required to possess a valid Indian Visa.

Types of Visa :
Tourist Visa : For individuals visiting India as a tourist.
Student Visa : For students coming to India for studies.
Employment Visa : For professionals coming to work in India.
Transit Visa : For passengers transiting through India for other destination.
Business Visa : For individuals visiting India for business purpose.

Other important informations related to Indian Visa :
» A passport with validity for six months from date of departure; is must.
» There is no provision of 'Visa on Arrival' in India hence obtain your Visa in your resident country before your
» Foreign passengers should ensure that they are in possession of valid Indian Visa before they start their
journey to India except nationals of Nepal and Bhutan who do not require visa to enter India and nationals of
Maldives who do not require visa for entry in India for a period up to 90 days.
» Additional permits is required for travel to certain areas of Assam, North-Eastern Frontier States of Mizoram,
Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, border areas of Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, Union
Territories of Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands.

Best time to visit
Although India is a 365 days destination still it is best to visit Indian plains during cooler months from October to March and mountainous regions of India during the months of April to September.

Food and Health
» It is advisable to drink only mineral water (bottled water).
» Indian cuisine is a tad too spicy hence indulge in the gastronomical delights only if you have the stomach for it.
Also, there are plenty of non-spicy cuisines and delicacies to choose from.
» You may occasionally need insect repellent cream. If you are allergic to dust, be sure to carry medication with
you. Sunscreen is another must-have.

Smart Shopping
» Bargaining is the norm in local bazaars selling products without a written price. Resist the urge to buy without
comparing prices from shops selling similar stuff.
» Be aware of roadside peddlers trying to sell you semi-precious and precious gems and jewelry.
» Trading in ivory, fur, animal skins, antiquities and the like is illegal. If you must have it, obtain a certificate of
legitimate sale and permission for export before leaving the country.

Social Decorum
» Public display of affection is not appreciated and neither is public nudity unless perhaps one is at a beach.
» One is expected to cover the head before entering a religious place such as a temple or mosque.
» Photography is not always permissible .Ask for permission before clicking pictures of women and religious
complexes. Some places charge for taking pictures while it is prohibited at a few places.

Important Note
As per the directive by the government of India, all Indian / Foreign Nationals are required to produce photo-identity on or before arrival. Valid Identification documents are as below :
Foreign Nationals - Passport alongwith valid Visa,
Indian National - Passport, Current Driving License, voter's ID card or PAN card.

Additional Informations
» If you are happy with some services and would like to reward - in that case you can tip according to your will.
It is not compulsory but totally by your discretion.
» In India, public toilet facilities are few and far between. Take every opportunity you can to use a clean toilet in
places such as hotels and restaurants. Make this a habit wherever you go.
» Most museums in India are closed on Monday and Site Museums i.e. those near archaeological monuments are
closed on Friday.

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